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Тема: tracks in Bulgaria for an off road adventure

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    Aug 2017
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    По подразбиране tracks in Bulgaria for an off road adventure

    Hello everyone!
    We are going in a few off road cars from Poland to Bulgaria and we would like to go to the places which are not too crowded, off the beaten tracks and see some things which are unusual, maybe even difficult to get to. I wanted to attach a map of places more or less which we have on our schedule, but something is not working. Generally it will be west Bulgaria from the north to the sea. Any suggestions? Tracks? Mountain roads? It would be great, if you can help me.
    I am looking forward to visit your beautiful country for the first time.

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    С какви автомобили ще посетите България. Как са оборудвани?

    Ако желаете лесен туристически преход с времетраене 5-7 дни потърсете маршрут от връх Ком до нос Емине. Има много теми във форума. Тракове ще се намерят.
    Човешко е да се греши... Но това че грешиш, още не означава, че си станал ЧОВЕК!

    "Когато някой не може да направи нещо, поради недостатък на сили, той вини за това случая."

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    Feb 2010
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    По подразбиране От: tracks in Bulgaria for an off road adventure

    It'd be nice if you could tell us more about your trucks so that we can figure out what tracks are going to be accessible for you.

    I could recommend the dirt road that follows the shoreline starting at Ezerets and ending at Durankulak. The chances are you'll like the beach and the view there and it's a pretty easy track, too. Also, if you change your mind and consider venturing into south Bulgaria you might cross the Balkan mountains using only dirt road (part of that route is a Roman road and it still shows). That'd be the Plachkovtsi -> Seltse -> Maglizh route.

    In general, do not plan on resupplying in Bulgarian villages. These are largely depopulated as compared to the Polish ones and there is really not much in terms of stores or services to be found there. Also, don't stop in gypsy neighborhoods. Crime rate there is higher in general and being a foreigner does not help.

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    Feb 2011
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    По подразбиране От: tracks in Bulgaria for an off road adventure

    When you planing to come here?
    Кара Suzuki Vitara 1,6 8v,а според жената Витарник!

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